Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend update

Pro-abortion Congressman Ron Kind had this to say about a ban on taxpayer funding of abortion, with an exception for rape:
[O]ne of my fears of what’s before us today is that it could lead to some very perverse unintended consequences — almost encouraging low-income women, that would have this benefit denied from them, to file false claims of rape — whether it’s against a boyfriend, whether it’s against an acquaintance, perhaps even a husband — in order to avoid, you know, the consequences that this legislation, the financial consequences that this legislation would bring.
Rep. Kind apparently didn't get the memo that the abortion movement's new motto is "trust women." NRLC's Doug Johnson took him to task:
It is true that some taxpayers of both sexes sometimes tell lies, but does Kind really believe that lots of women will falsely accuse their intimate associates of a serious crime, in order to get a tax-subsidized abortion? He seems to assume a high level of dishonesty and a low level of common sense among the low-income women to whom he refers, presumably including those residing in his own district.

One week ago, an angry pro-abortion man pulled a gun on a pro-life woman identified only as Terry. The incident occurred outside a San Diego abortion business, where Terry was participating in a 40 Days for Life campaign. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Arizona is a hotbed of pro-life activity. The governor recently signed legislation to ban abortions that are based on the victim's sex or race. She is also expected to sign a ban on telemed abortions today. A telemed abortion is administered via Skype or a similar videoconferencing service; the abortionist chats with the customer, then presses a button that opens a drawer of RU-486 pills. This means that the abortion "doctor" gives no physical exam.

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