Monday, May 16, 2011

Secular Sidewalk: Video evidence

Please watch the above video, which is less than two minutes long, and share it. It's high time we did something about the abortion movement's incessant negative misrepresentation of sidewalk counselors.

As you may know, Monday is Secular Sidewalk day on the blog, featuring two pro-life sidewalk counselors: Heather (an atheist) and Amelia (a Christian). Today is Heather's turn. I asked her for her take on the video.

What do you think the pro-lifers in this video did well, and what do you think they could improve?
Heather: I feel like maybe she could have spoken up more, because she was hard to hear. But as far as the actual content, she did the right thing. She focused on the person's material needs, and offered an ultrasound, which is just like the sidewalk counseling that saved my son.

In this case, even though there were a lot of people, only one spoke directly to the potential abortion client, while the rest stood back. Is that typical?
Heather: I think so, yes. Usually one person leads while the rest just stand there.

Do you have to deal with escorts at your abortion center? If so, what's that like?
Heather: No, but that would make it twice as hard!

Anything else to add?
Heather: Really, in this situation, a person is going to feel so overwelmed, no matter what. And she would probably be embarrased to stop and talk, with another person [the escort] in her ear.

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