Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Child saved by a Facebook status

Students for Life of America shares this amazing story of a child's life saved from abortion. [Note: "Missionary" is the title given to SFLA's summer interns. While they aren't employed as missionaries in the religious sense, they are certainly people on a mission!]
One of the benefits of using online resources like social media sites is that they allow small organizations with little to no full-time staff to make a difference simply by having an effective message to post and making a few smart decisions. Efforts like these have led to women changing their minds and deciding to carry their children full-term. Take, for instance, a story one of our 2011 Missionaries recently told us. After posting a string of pro-life Facebook statuses, she received a call from someone who had a friend contemplating abortion. Amazingly enough, our Missionary had never met the young man who decided to call her for help that night, but he was moved by the strength in her posts and was confident that she would be able to suggest how to approach his friend and refer her to local resources. Ultimately, the young woman felt supported and confident enough to carry to term and is now excitedly awaiting the arrival of her child!
Stories like this are so encouraging. We usually don't learn about the lives we save, and that can lead us to feel discouraged: "I'm not really helping any children or mothers, so why bother?" The truth is that seemingly inconsequential actions-- something as simple as posting a facebook status-- can make a world of difference. The slightest thing we do can change one person's opinion, give one person hope, and ripple through the rescued generations.

Please share your stories of lives saved in the comments!

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