Monday, June 20, 2011

Delaware pro-lifer arrested for doing the right thing

File this under "no good deed goes unpunished."
A pro-life advocate in Delaware is fighting charges and false arrest after he reported to police a suspicious package at a Planned Parenthood abortion business that he worried could be a potential bomb or explosive.

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Knowing that abortion centers and pro-life advocates outsdie them have both been targeted with violence, [Kurt] Linnemann told LifeNews, “I thought it best to call 911 to report the suspicious package. I did not want any of us to get injured or killed nor did I want any of the Planned Parenthood employees or clients to be injured or killed."
Thankfully, the package turned out to be harmless. Linnemann was "rewarded" for his vigilance with a charge of disorderly conduct.

Now, I'm as opposed to false bomb reports as the next person. But by "false report," we ought to mean a report that the person knows to be false. Recall, for example, the case of abortion business owner Linda Meek, who admitted to creating a fake bomb out of an egg timer, placing it at her abortion mill, and calling the police. That was a complete waste of valuable law enforcement time.

By contrast, there is absolutely no indication that Kurt Linnemann knew anything about the contents of the suspicious package. He did exactly what most police departments would want citizens to do. His arrest sends a terrible message; as one facebook commenter sarcastically put it, "I guess the lesson for pro-lifers is, if you don't want to get arrested, don't report suspicious packages. Just let people get blown up."

Understandably, the incident has seriously hurt relations between law enforcement and the pro-life community. Pro-life advocates in Delaware are protesting the arrest and calling on the Wilmington Police Department to drop the charges. Wilmington PD has refused comment. Linnemann has a court date on Thursday.

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Nulono said...

"Disorderly conduct" is always the BS charge they put on people doing things that totally aren't illegal.