Thursday, June 9, 2011

Helping young moms finish school

This is another one of those "good news, bad news" posts. I'll start with the bad news: the Catherine Ferguson Academy in Detroit is in a dire position. CFA is a school for pregnant and parenting students, most of whom are young women of color. Its mission is just amazing. They are educating the students who it seems everyone else has given up on, and getting them to college. But the $750,000 price tag for the local school district has made CFA a target for closure in these tough economic times. If you live in the Detroit area, join CFA supporters for a rally at noon on June 16, at the school. (Get directions here.)

Good news: Feminists for Life is developing a program called "Project Graduate." FFL has not yet released the details, but in a recent email, it says that the program will connect alumni with efforts to provide resources for pregnant and parenting students at their alma maters:
Alumni, especially former student parents and grad parents, and parents of current students have a great deal of knowledge and influence. And it's time to make it count.

Please join Feminists for Life in our new PROJECT GRADUńÄTE.

We will provide sample letters and advocacy tools so that you can hasten the day when women don't feel forced to choose between their children and their education.