Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Midweek News Item: 06/22/11

Domestic News: In New Hampshire, legislators overrode the Governors veto to implement a law requiring parental notification or notification of a Judge prior to an abortion being performed on a minor. The votes in the NH House was 266-102 to override the veto of Governor John Lynch (D). The Senate already voted to override it in a 17-7 vote. In North Carolina, legislation has made it to the desk of Governor Bev Perdue (D) which would require counseling before an abortion, a 24-hr waiting period, and an ultrasound performed ahead of time. It's unclear whether Perdue will sign or veto the legislation, and has until Monday to decide. Planned Parenthood in Indiana is already feeling the pinch of the State's cutting of all funding to the organization. LifeNews is reporting that Planned Parenthood is looking to cut jobs from their organization in Indiana. In California, pro-life groups have been putting up thought provoking billboards about minority abortion rates. For example, in Los Angeles a group put up billboards stating in both Spanish and English, read: "The Most Dangerous Place for a Latino Baby is in the Mother's Womb." Some residents are offended by the billboards, while others are intrigued by their messages.

Australian News: As I have two items of note from Australia this week, they have been given their own section. An abortionist in Australia has been charged with endangering the lives of 54 patients whom he infected with Hepatitis C. He is infected with the disease. The procedures listed at his clinic are fine according to local law, so it is unclear how he infected these women with Hepatitis C. In Western Australia, 22% of pregnancies end in abortion. That's the second highest rate in the country, according to the Western Australian. The highest rate is 24% in the state of New South Wales.

Personal News: This will be my last post for the next few weeks here at Secular ProLife. Why? Next week, our second child, a little girl, will be born. As such, my blogging both here and at my primary site will be severely diminished.

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