Monday, June 13, 2011

Tonight: GOP Presidential Hopefuls Debate on CNN

Seven GOP hopefuls will participate in a televised debate in New Hampshire at 8pm. CNN has the broadcast.

Secular Pro-Life is a non-partisan organization. But since the Obama administration has embraced pro-abortion policies, and Obama is very unlikely to face a challenge from his own party, we can't deny that there is a lot at stake. Without endorsing any particular candidate, I encourage you to look for someone who is a) truly pro-life, and b) capable of winning the 2012 election.

The debate will feature Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain (former CEO of Godfather's Pizza), Newt Gingrich (former House Speaker), Congressman Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty (former governor of Minnesota), Mitt Romney (former governor of Massachusetts), and Rick Santorum (former Senator from Pennsylvania).

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