Monday, July 11, 2011

17 days

This is a story of life and perseverance and I encourage you to never let go of the ones you love:

Jim O’Brien’s sister was close to giving birth to her little boy when her doctor realized there was something wrong with her son in the womb. After the child was born he was diagnosed with Golden Har Syndrome and doctors didn’t believe he would make it . . .

His uncle Jim O’Brien shares:
 When my sister gave birth to her first child, who was diagnosed with a very rare syndrome, the doctors at Stanford Medical Center advised her that the child would not live beyond 17 days. If the child, Danny, were to somehow pull through, he would “be a vegetable”.

Thank God my sister ignored the “doctors playing God” advice. She moved into his emergency room, responded immediately when problems occurred while nurses were on breaks or too busy, and saved his life countless times. The next few years were exhausting as together, the family kept meeting the challenges and beating the odds. My sister, brother in law and Danny never quit with this struggle and never quit with God.
Seventeen years later Danny was moving into the dormitory to begin his medical studies at The University of Stanford. He never had a grade below an “A” in any subject, was elected Class President, served on the ASB Council all 4 years of high school and was Captain of the Cross Country and Track Teams. 
On June 6th, 2011 our family attended the Hooding Ceremony for Doctor Danny who begins his rounds today as a pediatrician. I don’t expect this new doctor to ever doubt the will of a child, a family and most importantly: God.
Isn't it beautiful to read about this family's courage and persistence, from having the baby to refusing to pull the plug when doctors advised "letting go".  I hope this story is an inspiration to all who have struggled and will struggle with sick children both inside and outside of the womb. We must  be persistent in life affirming beliefs from conception to natural death and not waver in our beliefs based on the situation.  Isn’t it ironic that this once sick baby has now graduated from Stanford Medical School?  This is the same institution where his parents were advised to let go.   I strongly believe Jim O’Brien’s nephew will be an advocate for life, and certainly one that is prudent in advising people when to let go of human life.

Standing In Defence of the Voiceless,

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