Friday, July 15, 2011 fundraising update

Cross-posted from Abortion Safety Project:
Project leader Kelsey Hazzard asked for contributions to for her birthday. As a result of this fundraising boost, we have now raised a total of nearly $1800! We greatly appreciate the generosity of all our supporters. Every dollar raised helps make abortion malpractice information available to all women.

It isn’t too late to contribute. You can make a donation of any size here.

Thank you!


Nulono said...

Weird, "Deaf Pro-Lifers" is at the top of the blog list. That's an oddly specific group. :-/

Kelsey said...

I just added that to the blogroll; Jessica B. tipped me off to its existence. It's just at the top because it has the most recent post.

Anonymous said...


The community college where his wife teaches is next door to a School for the Deaf. One day she entered the computer lab and noticed a hearing-impaired student signing away animatedly but, it seemed, to no one in particular. She asked his interpreter if the student was okay. "Oh, he's fine," said the interpreter. "He's just swearing at his computer."

Well! If a deaf person swears, does his mother wash his hands with soap, eh?

Hey, I am pretty sure he wanted a deaf lady, not dead. This brings up another question- If a male is single and can hear - don't you think its odd he looking for a deaf woman? Nulono, fact of life, after Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says W T F!

Heh. =)

- Jessica B

PS - Kelsey, I apologized for my off-topic comment. Don't mind jokes. ;)

Kelsey said...

LOL, I like the second one, Jessica.
I assume that the raised middle finger means the same thing in ASL as it does for hearing Americans, yes?

DarkCougar555 said...

Yes, and some another swear words in ASL, too.