Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google+ a new tool for the pro-life movement?

Google recently launched a new social networking platform, Google+, to compete with Facebook. At the moment, it's invitation-only, but growing; those who have invitations are then free to invite their friends. The Huffington Post reports that non-profit groups have been eager to join:
Some early adopting social activists lucky enough to be invited to test-drive Google+ planned to use it to organize questions for President Obama's Twitter town hall Wednesday, she said.

And although Google is focusing on individual profiles and not encouraging the equivalent of organizational Facebook fan pages, some nonprofits are "hacking to get it," said Beth Kanter, a blogger who focuses on how nonprofits are using social media to bring about change.

KaBoom, which helps communities build children's playgrounds, has started a Google+ site. So has the group Bullying UK, which already has more than 3,000 people in its circle.
But Google is trying to hold back the tide and reserve Google+ for individuals, at least for the time being.

Pro-life activists have found Facebook and other social media sites to be a useful tool for organizing pro-life campaigns, educating undecided people, and reaching out to mothers in crisis pregnancies. It's only a matter of time before Google+ joins our toolbox.

If you're using Google+, what do you think of it? Do you see opportunities for pro-life outreach? Should Secular Pro-Life join early?


Unknown said...

Just joined today, but yes I do see it as a useful tool as one of the first "circles" I created is a pro-life one. Hard to say what it's impact will be but I intend on using it.

Unknown said...

By the way, I found your post by adding a pro life "spark".

Kelsey said...

I haven't joined yet, but I might over the next few days. Honestly, I have no idea what a spark is-- but I'm glad it led you here!