Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pro-Life Youth Website Hacked

Students for Life of America (SFLA) reports that has been hacked. connected pro-life students with opportunities for activism, such as internships at major pro-life organizations; it also let users set up automatic pro-life status updates for facebook and twitter. Currently, the site has no function at all. SFLA fairly assumes that was targeted for its pro-life work, but to the best of my knowledge, no pro-choice individual or group has claimed responsibility yet. was launched fairly recently, but SFLA already knows of one baby whose life may have been saved by the site. SFLA executive director Kristan Hawkins released a statement saying "Make no mistake about it: pro-abortion activists attacked us precisely because we are saving lives."

"This breach of security was a direct attack on the entire pro-life community," Hawkins added. "We cannot allow such dirty tricks to go unanswered. Let’s rebuild bigger and better than ever before!"

SFLA is seeking donations to do just that. I've contributed $25. Will you match me?


DarkCougar555 said...

Sighs. =/

I still remember a few pro-life websites were hacked before, but I can't remember which websites are. So I should write something about this blog, not just about hackers, it is about dismemberment that I am going to write it about. I hope you don't mind me to mention your blog. =)

Kelsey said...

You are always welcome to mention the blog. No need to get permission! The more visitors the better.

Bryan Kemper's Christian pro-life blog was hacked earlier this year, but I don't know if there's a connection.

DarkCougar555 said...

Me neither. I doubt it is. I just said I remember similar problems with hackers.