Monday, August 1, 2011

Help the pro-life movement with a click

Dubuque County Right to Life is participating in a contest to win an office makeover valued at $15,000. DCRTL is a non-partisan, non-sectarian voice for life in Iowa, where telemed abortion poses a major threat to unborn children. From DCRTL's email:
This is a great opportunity for us, as you know firsthand the time it takes to raise this amount of money. This makeover would allow us to be more efficient in providing services for those who need it most. And, typically, money raised tends to support our mission, rather than update our office equipment. How can you help? For once, not by donating money, but by voting!
Go to the RK Dixon "Make My Non-Profit Run Better" website to cast your vote.

Next, I'd like to draw your attention to the Classy Awards, which recognize non-profit organizations and volunteers; the winners are selected by online voting. The organizers of the Classy Awards, who have narrowed the entries down to 25 per category, are apparently not pro-life; in fact, the head of a state pro-abortion group is in the running for Young Nonprofit Leader of the Year. However, there are also a number of candidates that, while not explicitly being about abortion, clearly reflect pro-life values. I would like to see the pro-life community rally around these candidates so that they win by a landslide!

The first is Catalina Rodriguez, who is a candidate for Most Influential College Student or College Organization. When Catalina was a teenager, she became pregnant with a son who had cerebral palsy. A fetus with a genetic disability and a young mother is practically the poster child for abortion, and I can only imagine the societal pressure that Catalina must have been under to end his life. She resisted, and her precious little boy, Isaac, was born in 2009. Tragically, he died 18 months later. She honors his memory by helping other families of people with cerebral palsy; she has logged hundreds of volunteer hours and raised thousands of dollars for the cause.
Thanks to Catalina’s hard work and willingness to share her story, countless people learned about little Isaac, as well as cerebral palsy. Catalina was featured in her hometown newspaper, reaching 2,800 people with each article. Everyone who heard her story learned about the challenges parents face in raising children with developmental disabilities, but they also learned about the profound love that a parent has for a child with a developmental disability. They learned that Isaac was not “the child with cerebral palsy”; he had his own personality and a mother who loved him dearly.
To vote for Catalina, click here, open the "Most Influential College Student or Organization" menu, and click Vote (she's the fourth entry).

In the running for Most Innovative Use of Social Media by a Charity, we have Reece's Rainbow. Some of you may already be familiar with Reece's Rainbow, because pro-life actress Patricia Heaton is a vocal supporter (as is pro-life blogger Jill Stanek.) Reece's Rainbow is dedicated to finding adoptive families for orphaned children who Down Syndrome. To vote for Reece's Rainbow, click here, open the "Most Innovative Use of Social Media by a Charity" tab, and click Vote (seventh from the bottom).

While you're on the Classy Awards page, be sure to cast your votes in the other categories; there are too many worthy candidates to mention here.


Nulono said...

Is it just me, or does Reece's Rainbow sound like a cross between Reese's Pieces and Skittles?

Kelsey said...

LOL, Nulono-- it's just you.