Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pro-choice researchers: Science means stigma

Luis Zaffirini, who works for the National Right to Life Committee, has an excellent article on today. The topic is a pro-abortion research study, which seeks to identify (and then, somehow, eliminate) the causes of stigma on abortion.
The researchers noted five reasons abortion is stigmatized including the fact that scientific advances have “challenged previous constructions of boundaries between fetus and infant.” What most disturbs me about this “research” is that its aim is specifically to counter growing scientific evidence of the humanity of the unborn child.
It is indeed disturbing, but not surprising. The science of prenatal development provides one of the strongest secular arguments against abortion. Abortion supporters would have to be stupid not to recognize the threat that science poses to their ideology.

The stigma of abortion will never go away, no matter how many studies are done. It persists among all religious, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. The reason is inherent in what abortion is and always will be: the destruction of a human being.

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Laura said...

You should all go see The Body World exhibit when it comes to your town - and bring a pro-choice friend (or two). My 5 year old looked at the 9wk and 14wk fetus and said "Look at the tiny baby mom!" (Out of the mouths of babes.) You can't deny what you're looking at - It's at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry until Sept 5.