Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to School

Are you or your kids back to school this fall? As school begins again for many of us it is often easy to leave our pro-life convictions at the door. ProLife Organization Stand True has put together a list of “pro-life actions” to help guide youth in being active advocates for life this school year. 

I challenge you to look at this list and pick at least two projects to start right away. If you’re an adult who is out of school you can always assist high school or college students in their efforts. 

Stand True’s “top ten list of pro-life actions”:
  1. Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity – Last year students from over 4,000 campuses in 28 countries participated and 64 babies were saved in one day. Go to to register and get involved. Pr-life Day of Silent Solidarity Fan Page -
  2. Start a pro-life group on your campus – This is a great way to identify other pro-life students and come together to create awareness and put on events on your campus.   If you need help starting a pro-life group on your campus contact
  3. Wear pro-life t-shirts to school – I have heard many stories about girls who have cancelled abortions after seeing pro-life messages on t-shirts, stickers, posters and more.  Go to
  4. Make pro-life book covers, locker posters and dorm door posters.  This is easy, cheap and a great project to do with your friends.  You can use some of the popular pro-life sayings like: She’s a Child Not a Choice, Abortion Stops a Beating Heart, Choose Life, or you can be creative and come up with your own slogans.
  5. Do a diaper drive for your local pregnancy help center or home for unwed mothers.  Mother’s Day is a great time of year to do a diaper drive and give everything you collect to your local PHC as a gift.  E-mail if you need help in coordinating a diaper drive.
  6. Organize students to attend your local March for Life or the national ones in Washington DC or San Francisco in January.  Do a Google search to find out if there will be a local March for Life in your area.
  7. 40 Days for Life campaign. The 40 Days for Life campaign is one of the most successful pro-life events ever and it takes place for 40 days in both the fall and spring.  Go to
  8. Sidewalk Chalk – If you are on a public college campus sidewalk chalk is perfectly legal and a great way to spread pro-life messages.  For public High School Students you can chalk the public sidewalks leading up to campus.  It is best to do this early in the morning so every one sees the messages on the way to class.
  9. Literature table or distribution – On a college campus you can usually get a table out on a public area of campus to distribute literature and set up fetal models or other educational materials.  In public high schools it is legal to distribute literature on your free time as long as the other students are willing to take it.  If you have any trouble distributing literature you can contact our legal team at  You can order pro-life materials from or  
  10. Bring a pro-life speaker to campus or church – For high school and middle school students you can get a local church to sponsor a pro-life youth rally with a pro-life speaker and invite everyone from school. For college students, if there is not a pro-life club on campus that can do this, find a Christian or Republican club that might be able to sponsor a speaker. 

Standing In Defence of the Voiceless,

Timmerie Millington

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Nulono said...

In my experience silent solidarity was just an opportunity for pro-choice students to spout really bad arguments that pro-life students couldn't respond to. We need a day of vocal solidarity. I suggest the second Thursday in October.