Monday, September 19, 2011

Let 'em have their pro-abortion license plates

North Carolina has a Choose Life license plate, but the state legislature has refused to allow a pro-choice plate. The ACLU is suing, saying that the state must either allow both or neither.

I agree with the ACLU for two reasons.

First, it's a matter of free speech. I'm well aware that abortion advocates are constantly trying to censor us. But it's no good to stoop to their level.

Second, the availability of a pro-choice plate is no threat to us, and will probably help the pro-life movement in the long run. In those states where pro-choice plates have been introduced, they've been duds. For instance, in Montana, the state Right to Life organization raised $5,570 from specialty license plate sales between April and June 2011. Planned Parenthood of Montana, during the same time frame? $700. (See pages 3 and 4 of this pdf.) Having both plates available will make the pro-life majority that much more visible by comparison. Plus, seeing pro-abortion plates on the road might motivate pro-life drivers to buy a pro-life plate the next time they're at the DMV.

Agree, or disagree?


Unknown said...

100% agree. There's no reason not to let them have their pro-choice plate...although I have to wonder what the heck it would look like. I'm a resident of NC, and I just want this whole mess over with so I can get my Choose Life plate and spread the message!

Jameson Graber said...


Christina Dunigan said...

They tend to bomb because it's hard to counter a message like "Choose life." What do you put? Choose death? Choose choice? Snuff Junior?

Anonymous said...

Snuff Junior sounds good.I say "choose life & death penalty."