Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life Matters Journal releases its first issue

I am incredibly impressed by the work being done by our friends at the Life Matters Journal. Less than a month after first requesting articles, they have already published their first mini-issue! You can read it online, for free, here. (To purchase a print version, for $12, go here.)

Topics addressed in this issue include family planning, war, the 2012 presidential candidates, fetal pain legislation, and capital punishment. I especially want to highlight Nick Neal's article "What is the Consistent Life Ethic?" in which he argues that "If anything has hurt pro-lifers' credibility, it is the marriage of pro-life and pro-war ideology." Even if you disagree with his conclusions, the article provides a great framework for discussion.

Interested in contributing a piece to the next issue of the Life Matters Journal? Email Aimee at