Saturday, October 15, 2011

Awesome internship opportunity and new project

You've probably heard of Stand True: Christ-Centered Pro-Life. If you haven't, they're a group of young pro-life Christians, spreading the pro-life message to fellow Christians who are apathetic about abortion. You'll find them at Christian music festivals over the summer. You might also know them as the group behind the annual Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity (which is happening tomorrow). Their mission usually doesn't overlap much with the mission of Secular Pro-Life, but they are big supporters of our project.

Stand True is looking for one or two interns. The position is unpaid, but you'll get free rent in Troy, Ohio (near Dayton). It's a great opportunity for a recent college grad who's looking to do something productive while waiting for the economy to improve.

The ideal candidate is well-organized, considerate, and (of course) passionate about the right to life. Owning a laptop is a plus, but not required. You do not have to be a Christian to get this internship, but a basic knowledge of Christianity is helpful. You can start right away and stay through January or later. Your travel expenses to and from the March for Life will be covered. Your hours will be flexible enough that you can get a part-time job in the area if you so desire.

And here's the best part: interns will split their time between Stand True projects and doing research for!

This is a wonderful display of pro-life unity from Stand True, and we cannot thank them enough. To apply for the internship, email your resume and a statement of interest to, using the subject line "Secular Pro-Life sent me," and cc We look forward to hearing from you!

And speaking of wonderful things that Stand True is doing: they just released a website,, for pro-lifers between the ages of 14 and 17. Just because you can't vote doesn't mean you have to sit by the sidelines. There are far too many pro-life adults who are not registered to vote. Register them to be your vote, and you can win cool prizes. Check it out.

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Patrick said...

What a great thing you and Bryan Kemper have set up. This is an example of religious beliefs having no boundaries in the pro-life movement! Wish I had the time to intern, but I know there are many others out there just as passionate and even more qualified.