Saturday, October 1, 2011

News briefs

It's been a busy week for the pro-life movement! Here are some highlights.

The latest 40 Days for Life campaign kicked off on Wednesday, and already there are reports of lives being saved! For information on secular participation in 40 Days, go here.

Our sister blog, Abortion Safety Project, shares that an abortion facility in Rockford, Illinois has been shut down for health and safety violations.

Operation Rescue points out that when 13 people died from tainted canteloupe, authorities were quick to act. But when the abortion pill killed as many women, it remained on the shelves.

The Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL) is asking LGBT pro-lifers and allies to take this survey from the Human Rights Campaign. There is a general comment box at the end.
I ask all those who support LGBT issues to take the opportunity to take this survey from HRC. As you know they won't support a candidate who is pro-life no matter how supportive they are on LGBT issues. I ask that you take the survey and in the comments box ask them to reconsider their stance on abortion and consider those in the LGBT community who are pro-life.
A two-child policy is up for consideration in India. We have seen, from China's experience, that such policies lead to skyrocketing abortion rates, coerced abortion, sex selection (against girls), forced sterilization, and other human rights violations. Christians and Muslims are joining together in opposition to the proposal; Human Life International president Father Shenan Boquet applauds the efforts of "Christians, Muslims and all who respect the dignity of human life."

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