Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pro-life? Like to write? Get published!

The Life Matters Journal seeks submissions for its next issue:
We need news pieces on any of our given issues. We're especially looking for 1-2 page news commentary on the recent trend of bullying & suicide (especially as regards LGBT youth), Troy Davis's execution on death row, developments in US politics, and also for many different types of fiction (1-10 pages), poetry, and opinion pieces (3-15 pages). If you have suggestions for any pieces you'd like to write or like to see in our next issue, please email us!

We have a special series to be released over the next two or three issues, tentatively titled "We Hold this Truth: Allies in the Culture War" -- and dedicated to a discussion from different faith, lifestyle, and political perspectives about the consistent life position and why we are dedicated to the truth that human life must be valued and protected at all stages. While I have had a few offers, we are looking for writers across all boundaries: Atheist &/or Agnostic, Catholic, Buddhist, Protestant, Hindu, gay, straight, Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian... really, any demographic feature might be a possible way to come at the discussion. Email us with your idea, and write something up about why you, as a __________, believe in the consistent life ethic.
Articles should be emailed to by December 7.

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