Sunday, October 9, 2011

Remembering Kortney

Last night, Students for Life of America field coordinator Kortney Blythe Gordon was killed in a two-car accident in Georgia. Also killed were her unborn daughter, Sophy, and a person from the other car who has not been identified. Several other individuals were injured. There are not many details at this time.

I first met Kortney when I was a student at the University of Miami, just beginning to get involved in the pro-life movement. Kortney was always incredibly supportive. I could bounce ideas off of her any time. She loved the work of Secular Pro-Life, and she was especially excited about, even helping us recruit volunteers for the project.

Kortney's devotion to the pro-life cause was inspiring. She regularly traveled across the country, equipping pro-life students to stand up for the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society. She and Sophy were planning to be part of the Voices from the Womb event on Capitol Hill next week.

Kortney has been taken from us much too soon. I still don't fully believe that this has happened. Her death is a major loss, not only for Students for Life of America, but for every advocate for the rights of the unborn.

In Kortney's honor, Students for Life of America posted a quote on facebook from one of Kortney's heroes, the anti-Nazi student activist Sophie Scholl: "The sun still shines."

Kortney's impact still shines in the lives of countless people, born and unborn. We will never forget her.

UPDATE: If you would like to make a contribution toward the burial costs for Kortney and Sophy, you may do so here.


Melissa S said...

Dear Lord, this is incredibly sad! May God bless her, her baby, and her family.

DolceBella2 said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry :( You are all in my thoughts.

Abolitionist said...

I'm so sorry.

Jameson Graber said...

Very sorry to hear this. My deepest sympathies.