Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tomorrow and Thursday: Babies go to Congress

Heartbeat International is a chain of faith-based pregnancy centers with locations across the country. Starting tomorrow, they are sponsoring Babies go to Congress: an event where moms who have been served by pregnancy centers take their babies to Washington, D.C. and share the truth with politicians on Capitol Hill.

Abortion advocacy groups would like for politicians to believe that pregnancy centers are uncompassionate, unhelpful, and even dangerous. The experiences of women who've actually used pregnancy centers paint a much different picture. I applaud all the women who have come forward to put a face on this issue. As various pro-abortion cities attempt to compromise the First Amendment rights of pregnancy center volunteers, this advocacy is needed now more than ever!

Heartbeat International has a website where they will post photos and videos of the Babies go to Congress as it happens. Check it out here.

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