Monday, November 7, 2011

508 babies saved in 40 Days campaign

The most recent 40 Days for Life campaign ended yesterday. Campaign director Shawn Carney reports that 508 unborn children have been rescued from abortion during the past forty days!

Whether you credit God (as Carney does) or simply the kindness of the volunteers, that is simply amazing. To put it in perspective, this campaign saved the lives of a group as large as my high school class!


Anonymous said...

To put it in the perspective of somebody who went to a tiny school, this campaign saved the lives of a group about six times the size of my high school class. :)

Marysia said...

I can't help but be cynical about this number. Does 40 Days for Life do anything for longtern follow up and support of the women and their babies? How does it know that some of them, for example, don't go home and face the abusive parent or "partner" or other seemingly intractable and overwhelming bad situation--and change their minds again? It is quite irresponsible to congratulate yourself, "Oh, look at us, how many women *we* talked out of having abortions!" while not bothering to do anything beyond that point.