Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Canada Underreporting Abortion Statistics

New abortion statistics based on billing records have shown that Ontario has been underreporting their abortion statistics. How much so? Approximately 10-20% fewer are being reported, much of which are being performed at doctor's offices instead of at abortion clinics. Here's an excerpt from an article:
New abortion statistics based on Ontario’s health billing records show that in 2010 there were more abortions committed in doctors’ offices than hospitals or private abortion facilities.

The statistics, obtained by Patricia Maloney of the Run With Life blog through a freedom of information request with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, indicated that there were 18,330 abortions committed in doctors’ offices while only 16,055 in private facilities and 9,612 in hospitals.

The figures revealed that in total there were at least 43,997 abortions committed in Ontario during 2010. That includes 2,108 committed after 14 weeks with 345 of those also committed in doctors’ offices.

This latest information bolsters evidence that there is vast under reporting in Canada’s official statistics on abortion. The Canadian Institute for Health Information reports that there were 30,268 abortions in the province in 2009, 32,150 in 2008, and 32,331 in 2007. But the institute makes no claim to accuracy, acknowledging that abortion clinics are not required to report.

In response to Maloney’s request, the Ministry revealed that abortionists billed for $5,470,562.36 in 2010. They noted that this figure does not represent the full cost, however, as it does not include other costs such as the facility fees paid to private abortion facilities.

The figures also reveal that there were 77 “selective fetal reductions” committed in Ontario’s hospitals in 2010 by lethal injection into the child’s heart.

Mary Ellen Douglas, national organizer of Campaign Life Coalition, said it used to be illegal to commit abortions in doctors’ offices and that they ought to be

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