Friday, December 2, 2011

Google: “how much does an abortion cost”

You know how when you Google something the most popularly Googled phrases come up as you’re typing? Well, earlier this week a friend of mine was on his Iphone Googling how much a plane ticket would be, and had only typed in the words “how much does” when Google pulled up some key phrases for him. The very first key phrase was “how much does an abortion cost”. He took this screen shot and sent it to me:

I wanted to see if the same would happen when I Googled “how much does” from other devices; and sure enough I had the same results on my Iphone, lap top, my mom’s Ipad, and other electronics that browse the internet. Of all the phrases Googled beginning with “how much does”, the cost of abortion is the most commonly searched. It always pops up as a suggestion!

I’m surprised and saddened to know this because it’s a reminder of how often women are having abortions. In addition, what if a pregnant woman was not Googling how much an abortion costs, but something else and found interest in the proposed Google search “how much does an abortion cost”? The woman now has a quick and easy way to get information about abortion -- when she otherwise may not have been pursuing one. When something is readily available to us, we often take interest or action. Right? I would think it’s probably the same in this case.

Once again, I find that we are surrounded by abortion day in and day out. I know I may say this often, but there’s a reason. We allow ourselves to be surrounded by abortion, and until our society works together to make life the better option, and not accept or give easy access to abortion, we will continue to be surrounded with the death of millions of children. Let’s take back the culture by supplying easy access to life affirming help and materials. That easy access can start with each individual being their for their pregnant friends, family, acquaintances, and those people we run into all the time who are talking about abortion.

For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


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Anonymous said...

I actually noticed the exact same thing the other day. I was googling how much a root canal costs and sure enough the first phrase to pop up was "how much does an abortion cost?" I remember thinking about how sad it was that this was the first thing to pop-up on my screen. said...

Good spot, Timmerie.