Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pro-life attorneys stop coerced abortion

Attorneys with Texas Center for Defense of Life representing a 14-year-old girl secured a temporary restraining order yesterday from a Texas court that blocks several of her family members from forcing her to have an abortion against her will.The teenager’s family members had scheduled an appointment for her to have the abortion at a local Corpus Christi clinic this week.  The girl has been under intense pressure to have the abortion, was physically assaulted last week by one family member, and has been prevented from attending school.
Despite the rhetoric of "choice," coerced abortion is disturbingly common.  And teenagers, who can be threatened with being kicked out of the home, are especially vulnerable.  Most are not lucky enough to have a pro-life law firm on their side.  

We do need more pro-life lawyers.  But if you aren't a lawyer, there are still ways for you to help.  The easiest and most effective way is to connect at-risk women with attorneys who will enforce their rights.  Familiarize yourself with the Justice Foundation's "Dear Parent" letter, and if you are a sidewalk counselor or otherwise in a position where you may encounter teens in crisis, keep copies on your person.  This letter unambiguously informs parents of their daughters' legal right to refrain from killing their grandchildren.

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