Thursday, January 26, 2012

Exciting announcement!

Coming off an incredibly successful weekend in San Francisco, CA and Washington, D.C., we are excited to announce that Secular Pro-Life will be sharing the pro-life, pro-woman, and pro-science message at the American Atheists convention on March 25-26!

American Atheists has no official position on abortion, but supports the idea that "human beings are capable of creating a social system based on reason and justice."  It is our mission to show how pro-life values and policy fit into that system.

As the number of atheists increases, outreach to atheists absolutely vital if the pro-life movement is to make abortion unthinkable.  Currently, less than one fifth of atheists openly identify as pro-life.  Among religiously unaffiliated women facing unplanned pregnancies, half have abortions. Secular Pro-Life is the only pro-life organization with the credibility and resources to address this problem.

We have calculated that we can organize an effective outreach at the American Atheists convention for under $900!  This includes the booth sponsorship fee, first trimester fetal models, a new banner, and literature on maternal mortality and abortion.

Please use button below to make a contribution toward this important work.  Your donation will be earmarked for the American Atheists convention, and used for no other purpose.  Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I think your "Donate" button is broken. It's not working for me (on Chrome). said...

Thanks, Anonymous; it should be working now.