Monday, January 23, 2012

Walk for Life West Coast

Over 50,000 people came together Saturday January 21 to attend the Walk for Life West Coast! Young, old, and of different backgrounds were together to walk in solidarity for the lives lost and affected by 39 years of legalized abortion since the Supreme Court decision of Roe v Wade

The pictures say it all:

Hundreds of young people came together earlier in the morning
Young people jump for joy on their way to Civic Center
Over an hour before the rally even started
Film crews interview attendees
Love these shirts
Occupy sign had to be in there

Another great sign

Dear Mommy

Just before the end of the walk

Groups filter in at the end of the walk with their awesome signs

For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


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vinman said...

Abortion not only forbids a life to born but also affects the women's health and psychologically affects them.
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