Friday, February 24, 2012

Down to the Wire

As many of you know, Secular Pro-Life is coordinating a woman-centered, searchable database that will warn women in crisis pregnancies about abortionists who have a history of medical malpractice.  We've all heard about Kermit Gosnell, Steven Chase Brigham, and other scumbags whose conduct was so extreme that they lost their medical licenses.  But they're just the tip of the iceberg. Countless others have maimed women, settled out of court, and continued with their practice without any publicity whatsoever.

Mock-up of the site's home page
For almost a year, volunteers around the country have been going to their local courthouses to look up malpractice complaints against their local abortion centers. Some of their discoveries have been truly heartbreaking, like the California Planned Parenthood responsible for a little girl's severe rH disease.  Then there's the Nevada abortionist who fatally perforated a woman's uterus; this poor woman's life was valued at just $20,000 in an out-of-court settlement.

If you want to research the abortionists in your area, there's still time. Our internal deadline is Thursday, February 29.  Anything we receive by then will be included when the site launches in late March or early April. That means you have about a week to uncover abortion malpractice in your community.  (If that's not enough time for you, don't worry; documents received after February can be added in a later site update.)

The Pro-Life Action League has a fantastic primer on how to search for lawsuits.  Don't hesitate to rely on the court clerks; they are there to help you!  We will also accept news articles from local mainstream media outlets.  Sorry, no blog posts or secondary pro-life sources.

Email your findings to info[at] by February 29 to protect mothers in your community from dangerous "safe & legal" abortionists. And please consider making a donation so that we can advertise the site to as many at-risk women as possible.  Thank you!


Anonymous said...

The goal, and that of crisis pregnancy centers, is not to protect women from medical malpractice, but to lie to women about the dangers of the abortion procedure to scare them into carrying the pregnancy to term.

Ruthless psychological manipulation-- inspired by religion. This sort of thing has no place among anyone with secular beliefs.

M said...

I did the research on abortion risks for myself. My sources include:

I'd hope the Mayo Clinic, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and WebMD would be considered accurate.

DarkCougar555 said...

Don't bother. I am sure the troll really don't care about your valid researches. Some trolls just like to paint all pro-lifers as some "evil and religious Republicans" and some vent bullshits. Nothing less, nothing more.

Just don't feed those trolls who have no interest in civil discussions.

Anonymous said...

If you're really secular, then stop voting for Bob McDonnell.