Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quick International Pro-Life News Items

Russia - Statistics show that 2-2.5 million women receive abortions annually in Russia. In 2010, the number of live births was 1.7 million - meaning? Assuming one abortion per woman, there are approximately 30% more abortions performed than children being born. Pro-life legislators have been pushing for further restrictions on abortion in Russia and last year won a minor battle when President Medvedev signed legislation requiring abortion clinics to devote 10% of any advertising to describe the dangers abortions pose to a woman's health as well as making it illegal to describe abortions as a safe procedure.

Australia - The only clinic in Australia performing abortions after 24 weeks, will no longer be performing late term abortions. Management at the clinic said the procedure was "incredibly demanding" and this was an operational decision to stop offering the procedure. Pro-abortion are outraged at the end of the procedure, fearing this will lead to "back alley late term abortions."

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