Friday, February 17, 2012

Susan G. Komen is still listening

Susan G. Komen for the Cure recently emailed me a link to a survey, which reveals some interesting clues to Komen's thought process.  The survey is only available to those who received an email, but I took plenty of screenshots.  The questions indicate that, while Planned Parenthood rejoices that they've won the battle, Susan G. Komen is still weighing its options.

For starters, Komen is finally doing what it should have done long ago: measuring support for Planned Parenthood.

They're also asking for opinions about news coverage:

But what I found most interesting were the requests for feedback on proposed statements.  For each, they asked "How believable is this statement?" "Does this statement make you more or less favorable toward Susan G. Komen for the Cure?" and "Based on this statement, how much more or less likely are you to donate to Susan G. Komen for the Cure?" The statements indicate that they are weighing several options.

Option #1: Pretend that the real issue is that Susan G. Komen has been unscientific.
Option #2: Throw Karen Handel under the bus.
Option #3: Unequivocally restore funding to Planned Parenthood.  
Option #4: Try to rise above the fray by focusing on the "true victims"-- women who will be harmed by the reduction in donations to Komen.
Option #5: More vague platitudes about how mistakes were made.  But what was the mistake?  Defunding Planned Parenthood?  Caving and re-funding Planned Parenthood?  Not being clear?  Partnering with Planned Parenthood in the first place?
Option #6: Grow a pair.
Unfortunately, "Clarify that Planned Parenthood remains ineligible for grants" was not an option.  Given Planned Parenthood's mafia-style tactics, I can hardly blame Komen for that.  But the truth is that until they sever their ties with the nation's largest abortion chain, they will never be able to fully focus on their mission.  

This survey shows that Komen is still listening.  We must reach out and let them know that we will be there for them if and when they finally get the courage to break free. 


Tiffany @ As For My House said...

Thanks for sharing this. And I hope they ARE listening!

enness said...

Oh, I wish I'd gotten this survey, although I did send them a letter.

I'd like to say that -- but how are they supposed to reassure people that they aren't going to vacillate any more? Betrayal is hard to forget. I believed Nancy Brinker when she said they'd never cave to political pressure. If I can't rely on that level of sincerity and passion in words, they really need to double up on the actions.

Anonymous said...

Movie tip: Maafa 21 - Planned Parenthood history: 13 episodes.

Demographic winter - the decline of the human family

2 Episodes

Barack Obama and The Negro Project.

Abortion and Black Genocide.

Human rights for the unborn.

Anonymous said...

Mafia style tactics?

Mafia style tactics is the gunning down of a doctor in a Church, not organizing a message campaign to advocate on an issue.

The only mafia style tactics I see are in the pro-life movement.

Anonymous said...

"The only mafia style tactics I see..."

Then you should take your blinders off. It'll help increase your range of vision.

Anonymous said...

Are you telling me that there are pro-choice people are there who are gunning people down?

Please. the world needs to know!

xalisae said...

and also the harassment that Susan G. Komen underwent.

xalisae said...

OH! And also the 3,500+ human lives ended by abortions every day.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying that murder of abortion doctors is justified because abortion doctors are "murdering people"?

Do you understand that we live in a nation of laws and that our laws do not recognize abortion as murder?

Do you understand that committing violent acts in pursuit political objective is terrorism?

You are literally a terrorist sympathizer if you support or defend the actions of abortion clinic shooters.

The only political violence on this issue is comitted by the pro-life movement. It is a plague on our country not unlike the Taliban in Afganistan: Political terrorism, repression of women, unwillingness to compromise.

Do not try to compare the blatantly terrorist activities of the pro-life movement as "just as bad" as the supporters of women's rights in this country.

Elle said...

No, that's not what she's saying. The anon up there (presumably you) asked for examples of pro-abortion violence. xalisae provided some. Any inferences you drew from that were put there by your own imagination and nothing else.

Navi said...

One thing worth noting is that virtually all American pro-life organizations (along with a few international ones) loudly condemned the shooting of George Tiller and denounced the use of violence. Neither abortion nor violence against abortion providers are ethically justified, and the pro-life movement recognizes this. You don't.

I can't say the same is true about pro-abortion groups responding to violence against pro-life advocates. Evidently, you've never heard of Jim Poullion. Or any of the following for that matter:

(the last one was criticized by abortion proponents and may be an exception, but it still shows that some abortion proponents do perform illegal violent acts).

Are you saying that abortion is acceptable because it happens to be legal? If that's the case, would you support abortion clinic shootings if they were legalized? Recall that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was legal.

I suppose whether the murders of eight abortion clinic workers are similar to the Taliban's reign of terror is a subjective value judgment. As is claiming that pro-lifers want to repress women by defending their most basic right from beginning to end, when self-described feminist groups support sex-selection. As is calling the pro-life side unwilling to compromise when groups like Planned Parenthood aggressively opposed the ban on partial-birth abortion (which two thirds of Americans support).

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about the number of people murdered in the name of "choice," vs. those murdered by those "crazy pro-lifers." IIRC, some 45 million babies have been killed since 1973. You do the math, kid.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Talk about a red herring argument. Arguing that the pro-life movement is invalid because a few nutjobs have decided to kill "in the name of life" is ridiculous. The bottom line is, millions have been murdered in the name of "choice" for nearly 40 years. They have been pulled from the womb, stabbed in the neck with a sharp object and tossed on a garbage heap like last night's pizza. Do you want to see some pictures?? I'd be happy to share a link. Then we can talk about violence.