Saturday, February 25, 2012

Volunteer opportunities

Yesterday, we shared that will launch in late March/early April, and that we are looking for last-minute volunteers to search for court records.

In a number of locations, we already have case numbers for lawsuits against abortion centers. That means that all you have to do is walk into the courthouse and hand the list of case numbers to the clerk's office!  How easy is that?  It would be a real shame if these cases went unexamined for lack of volunteers in these cities.

The cities and abortion providers for which we have case numbers are:
Virginia Beach, VA (Virginia Women's Wellness/David Peters)
Norfolk, VA (Hillcrest Clinic/John Baker)
Fort Bragg, CA (Women's Health Center)
Chico, CA (Nader Ostovar)

If you live in or near any of these cities, please contact us.  If not, please share with your friends in Virginia and California.  On behalf of the women and babies who will be helped through this effort, thank you!

Update: Our New York coordinator is looking for volunteers to do document searches at two NYC courthouses.  They are located at 60 Centre Street and 31 Chambers Street.  Again, if you are available to do a court search, please contact Secular Pro-Life.


Anonymous said...

I am a fellow volunteer and would just like to add that we are also in need of volunteers to visit two different courthouse locations in New York, NY. We already have the index numbers for several cases filed against several abortionists and abortion facilities, and can walk you through obtaining the records once at the courthouse.

So, any New Yorkers who can help, please contact Secular Pro-Life!

Anonymous said...

I live close to both cities in VA. How can I help? said...

Hey Anonymous-- please email info[at] and we'll get you started. Thanks!