Thursday, March 15, 2012

Don't like abortion?

So it’s pretty ridiculous how many times I’ve heard this:

If you want to understand a pro-lifer’s perspective, take any argument about abortion and substitute “fetus” with “3-year-old.”  Try this with me:

“If you don’t like killing 3-year-olds, then don’t kill any.  But don’t try to impose your beliefs on me!”

See what happens there?  

The fetus is a human being, and pro-lifer's consider the fetus worthy of human rights/protection.  The "don't like one, don't get one" sound bite ignores this fundamental pro-life belief. It makes no sense to tell people who believe human rights are being violated to mind their own business.

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DiscountDeity said...

The point is that there is disagreement over whether a fetus is the equivalent of a three year old, and that you are not entitled to make that choice about any fetus that is not contained in a uterus that you own, any more than anyone else is entitled to decide for you that a fetus in your uterus is not the equivalent of a three year old.

We know that you think abortion is murder. The point is, we don't, and your view enjoys no special privileged status over our own except in your lives and your bodies.

M said...

None of what you said negates the point of this post.

Just as it is nonsensical to tell a secular person that they should oppose abortion because it's "against God's plan," it's nonsensical to tell a pro-lifer that they should accept abortion because no one is forcing them to obtain one. If you're going to completely ignore why someone thinks what they think, why bother saying anything to them at all?

Anonymous said...

"Don't like abortion? Don't have one. Don't tell anyone else what to do."

"Don't like slavery? Don't own a slave. Don't tell anyone else what to do."
Anybody see how parallel these two sayings are?

Anonymous said...

"The fetus is a human being, and pro-lifer's consider the fetus worthy of human rights/protection. " via the appropriation of another humans body.

Glad you can make that judgement for yourself. Now why are you dedicated on forcing it upon me? This is where I have an issue. I have no problem with that value statement by itself. My problem is you think it entitles you to make decisions over other peoples bodies.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the mother make that decision over her own body (in the vast majority of cases) when she accepts the risks of sexual activity. "Don't like having a person in your womb? Don't put one there"

Kristin said...

You're doing the same thing by thinking you get to make decisions over your offspring's body. It isn't your body, you don't have a right to it. When it imposes violence over another body, it isn't your right to do.

Reality Check said...

Psychopaths don't think their murder victims are living people, either, but they're guilty of murder all the same. What you personally believe or don't believe is irrelevant to the right to life of the unborn child you want to kill. So it is actually *your* view which doesn't enjoy privileged status over basic human rights.

Zman said...

It's not your body, iits the fetus' body you want to harm, but even if it was, we assume people who mutilate their bodies need psychiatric help. You want control over your body, control whether you get pregnant! The right to privacy is just your rationalizing your horrible acts. Privacy is irrelevant, we must speak out against an injustice. Pro choice is one great big double standard.