Monday, March 26, 2012

October Baby Opening Weekend

New independent film October Baby hit theaters this weekend. This film shares the story of a young lady who finds out she is adopted after her mother tried to abort her. . . Despite the film being in a limited number of theaters it ranked 9th in top 10 films during its weekend release.

I encourage you to checkout the film over the next couple weeks while it is in theaters across the country and share your thoughts! 

For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


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I haven't seen it, but Aimee and Catherine got a sneak peek at the SFLA conference. They didn't like it at all. They said that it had some religious themes, but that they were fairly mild and not alienating-- the real problem was that it portrayed adoption in a very negative way (the main character feels "unloved" because she was adopted). But I'm willing to give it a chance when I get the chance to see it.