Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lessons from History: The Trail of Tears

This is not an explicitly pro-life video, but pro-life advocates certainly can (and should) take lessons from the failures of history.  The take-away point is this: the Trail of Tears was a result of the politically powerful ignoring the constitutional rights of weaker persons.  They knew it was wrong at the time, but their interest in material gain defeated their own consciences.

So it is with many in the abortion industry.


Jameson Graber said...

What a powerful video. It always saddens me to think what we could have had if only we had chosen to live peacefully with others.

I can see the connection with abortion.

Anonymous said...

"They knew it was wrong at the time, but their interest in material gain defeated their own consciences."

If you insist on making statements like these that fail to acknowledge the legitimate philosophical differences between the two sides, you'll never successfully speak to pro-choice advocates. You sound exactly like the pro-choicers who say, "Pro-lifers say it's about babies, but they really just hate women!" said...

The "they" in that sentence refers to supporters of the Trail of Tears.

I do not think that all pro-choicers are deliberately blocking out their consciences. Some honestly believe that abortion is good for women, or that the unborn are not human. Secular Pro-Life is more than willing to have discussions about those issues. But as the link shows, there are *some* in the abortion industry who are motivated by money.

Simon said...

As a contrarian to both sides and a person with an interest in social and cognitive biases it is quite obvious that humans are fundamentally biased and not rational; and that even intelligent morally sincere people can hold views that are in hindsight extremely morally questionable.

In a complex world where cultural norms are usually just accepted as right, norms tend to follow what has gone before, not what is right. Which means both sides should take the time to think well if some on the other side are sincere intelligent people and cannot see something so obvious then there is a good chance I could be doing the same. & even if I’m right on one thing that is no reason to think I’m right on everything. said...

I agree that we can't expect people to be rational 100% of the time. But as far as the Trail of Tears is concerned, based on what this scholar is saying, it wasn't an issue of cultural norms just sweeping everyone along. Quite the opposite: it occurred *despite* a constitutional structure and moral opposition that should not have permitted it.

Anonymous said...

Native American genocide is just the same as a first trimester abortion. The Democrats must be stopped Vote republican.

I studied history and you know that there are signs when a marxist nazi usurper like obama (muslim) or clinton (atheist) will kerry (cloning) will destroy america.