Monday, April 16, 2012

Romney considers pro-life running mates reports that presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney is considering several pro-life politicians to be his running mate, including Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Ohio Senator Rob Portman, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Although Romney has received a number of pro-life endorsements in the last week, many Americans remain skeptical of the genuineness of Romney's conversion.  Accordingly, I expect that Romney will select a running mate with strong pro-life credentials.  

Students for Life of America asked its members who they would like to see Romney pick for the vice presidential slot.  I'll ask you all the same question.  Some things to consider: Which of the pro-life politicians under consideration would be the best voice for the unborn in the White House? Which would do the best job of uniting pro-lifers of different backgrounds, rather than relying upon a small subset of Catholics and evangelicals? Which is most likely to succeed with the media?


Marauder said...

I think Rubio, Christie and Haley should stay where they are for the moment, seeing as Rubio seems to want to stay there and Christie and Haley would benefit their states by getting through their entire elected terms as governors. Paul Ryan could have a lot of appeal to fiscal conservatives because of his budget, which could get him support from something unrelated to pro-life issues and shoot down any criticism that Romney picked him just because of social issues. I don't know much about Portman or McDonnell.

Anonymous said...

Oh look SPL interested in electing a republican to the white house. The most important election issue is whether women will be punished for having premarital sex.