Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thank you! a success

Exactly one week ago, we launched  And what a week it's been!  The project got excellent coverage on,, and  As a result, volunteers from all over the country have contacted us about adding their local abortion facilities to the database!

In addition, we're excited to announce that we have started to run advertisements on AdWords.  These advertisements are tied to searches for "abortion information," "safe abortion clinics," and other keywords likely to be used by people who are considering abortion.  The ads are targeted to regions that have a high concentration of troubled abortion centers: Illinois, MississippiPittsburghFort Worth, and Baton Rouge.  These keywords and geographic limits ensure that we spend our money wisely, by reaching those who are most at risk.

Our daily AdWords spending limit is $25.  Please consider sponsoring a day of advertisements with a $25 donation.  Thank you for your generosity.


Anonymous said...

Attention Scott Roeder fans: He was convicted of first degree murder and he received the maximum possible sentence.

Don't get any ideas about, you're not saving lives, and you discredit the prolife movment when you resort to violence.

Anonymous said...

I just don't see how it's violent to let women know when a provider they are considering has been sued for malpractice. said...

There's nothing remotely violent about Anonymous #1 is just trolling. Don't feed him :)

Anonymous said...

are you denying that radicalization and terrorism isn't a problem in the pro-life movement?

You are clearly irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Secular Pro Life is not endorsing terrorism or violence.

An information site can hardly be considered either of these things.

Surely women have a right to know?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the people who published George Tiller's home address did so hoping that some woman would know not to get an abortion from him, and had no intention of giving the information to a radicalized christian terrorist. said...

Anonymous, if you had actually visited, you would know that it does not advertise addresses.

Please stop wasting everyone's time.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that this is a fairly neutral-seeming site. is a step in the right direction of actually promoting women's health and safety, as opposed to just claiming that you do.

One issue, however: If you're going to describe a clinic or medical center as having failed an inspection, you ought to also make note when it has (on record) corrected its errors. For example, the Hillcrest Women's Medical Center in Harrisburg, PA. The supporting documentation notes the violations for which the clinic failed inspection, and it includes follow-up documents showing that the clinic is now passing inspection. However, the main description of the clinic doesn't note this at all. It's biased to point out that the clinic failed a year or two ago without acknowledging that it is now passing. And it's not furthering your goal--if your goal is, indeed, to help women identify clinics that are currently dangerous to them.

Of course, you could be considered biased for pointing out past failed inspections at all, if they're not current, or if they're merely related to preparedness for the highly unlikely situation wherein an emergency arises during an abortion procedure. But that aside. If you want it to even be arguable that this is an unbiased site that is striving to be helpful rather than further an agenda, you should disclose (in the main description) the current status of the clinic in question: passing or not.