Friday, April 13, 2012

Urgent call to action

The governor of Nebraska has promised to veto LB 199, an important pro-life measure recently passed by the Nebraska legislature.  But we aren't giving up!  The legislature has rescheduled its final session to make a vote on veto override possible.  All it takes is the support of 30 senators.

LB 199 would restore prenatal care funding for low-income families; the funding was cut six years ago.  Anti-immigration groups are opposing the bill because it would fund prenatal care for unborn babies conceived by illegal immigrants.  As if babies have any control over who conceives them!  Opponents argue that the provision of prenatal care will cause Nebraska to become a "magnet" for illegal immigrants.  Supporters of LB 199 point out that there's no evidence of that from the earlier period in which Nebraska funded this care.  Even if it were a legitimate concern, however, it pales in comparison to the concerns over increased abortions, premature births, and pregnancy complications.  As the Endowment for Human Development points out, lifelong health begins in the womb.

Nebraska Right to Life, immigration groups, and anti-poverty groups have formed a coalition to make LB 199 law.  Even if you don't live in Nebraska, please email one or more state senators!  It only takes a minute of your time, and it could have a major impact: the anti-poverty organization Nebraska Appleseed reports that senators supportive of LB 199 are "under a good deal of pressure" from the anti-immigration lobby.


Simon said...
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Simon said...

hey hey hey this site is supposed to be for right wing conservatives or teabaggers, get back on message!!!!

# for the pro-choice trolls who think this is a religious conservative front and teabagger hangout.

Rico Buttcheek said...

Calling this bill "Pro-Life" legislation is like calling the "Great Society" legislation of the Johnson years "Pro-Life". Sorry libs, you're not really pro-life unless you take a real moral stand like fetal personhood or opposition to Obamacare.

Marysia said...

So legislation which in the actual, real world saves unborn babies' lives and offers pregnant women substantive alternatives to abortion doesn't qualify as "prolife"? If that's not prolife, what is?! As for opposition to Obamacare being "antilife"--first of all contraceptives are *not* abortifacients according to the best available scientific evidence; they are indispensible to reducing abortion; and thousands of Americans die every year for lack of access to health care they can now or soon access under the Affordable Care Act. And if you're about to tell me I'm not "really prolife"--don't bother. I went through medical hell to give birth to my unplanned daughter and was despised b/c I wasn't married when I conceived her. And I have spent the alst 25 years doing everything in my power to ensure that women have real options other than abortion.

Ballsack O'Callahan said...

The national right to life council (the true voice of the pro life movement in this country) stated that the goals of the pro-life movement are to end the 0bama presidency. If you libs would understand that dems are anti-life, maybe this issue would have been solved decades ago. You'll find many Catholic posters on this site who will offer you scientific evidence that contraceptives kill the baby.