Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gendercide by Planned Parenthood in America

This week Live Action released two new undercover investigations surrounding Planned Parenthood. However, this time Planned Parenthood is aiding woman in their pursuit of gender discrimination against female children in the womb. 

Although we have been aware of Planned Parenthood's involvement in gendercide for a number of years, these videos are shocking. Please watch Live Action's latest investigations below. 

There is currently a bill in the house that will be voted on today to stop gendercide in America. Please take immediate action:

Please call and email your congress members NOW. Message to Congress:

VOTE “YES” ON H.R. 3541 – the “Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act”.

For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,



I need help with poo pooing said...

This is almost as funny as the James O'Keefe hatchetjob on ACORN.

Please follow in his footsteps and get busted for voter fraud so we don't have to listen to your distortions and propoganda anymore.

Anonymous said...

I took a university course a few years ago where the professor split the class into halves and we had to argue either for or against abortion depending on which group we were randomly put into (it was done by alphabetical last name), no matter our personal views on the topic.

When I began my research, I started looking into sex selective abortion, female infanticide, female feticide, and gendercide. What I found really interesting was the disconnect between "Western Feminism" and "Third World Feminism." For example, I found many women who call themselves pro-choice feminists fighting for abortion rights in the United States and saying that women deserve "the right to choose under any circumstances." But then I also uncovered women with these same views who were also protesting gendercide and sex selective abortions in places with major sex imbalances like India and China. It was really enlightening to learn about this because I realized it's an obvious contradiction: if every woman deserves the right to choose under any circumstance, then certainly this means that they have the right to choose if they only want sons. Unless they're non-Western? I guess "Western women" just deserve more rights than "non-Western women." But I never did uncover why "Western women" are so much more special.

Jameson Graber said...

Sad they voted down that bill.

LifeChoices said...

Anonymous, the answer is simple: abortion is not an absolute or unqualified good. In the West, we are fighting so that women can have a choice to get an abortion if they need one. In China and certain other parts of the world, we are fighting so that women can have the choice not to have an abortion if they don't want one. There is a lot of forced abortion around the world.

(Similarly, while one might fight for the right to marry, one might also fight against forced marriages.)

Also, as to sex-selective abortions--those are the symptom (and possibly a cause) of significant gender stigma against women. If you are aborting your fetus because you've made a rational decision in your best interest, that's one thing; if you're aborting your fetus because it's female and you think women are worthless, that's another thing entirely. And, it skews the gender balance in those countries that have a problem with it, which is bad for society, in itself, and may contribute to the marginalizing of women in those societies. (And thus, the further aborting of female fetuses, in a never-ending downward cycle for women in those countries.)

It's not really a contradiction at all, and it has nothing to do with wanting "more rights" in the West than elsewhere.