Thursday, July 19, 2012

FBI Visits ProLife Advocate's Home

Andy & Son

Since the Obama Administration took over in 2009 there have been a series of  FBI interrogations of pro-life advocates. Most recently a friend of mine, Andy Moore, received a knock at his door and, to his surprise, was confronted by FBI agents. The agents asked a number of questions, some of which being very personal, and dug deep concerning other members of the pro-life movement. 

The FBI house visit was very peaceful; however, it was rather unnecessary. Andy is an immigrant from New Zealand and the agents made a comment implying if he had a felony on his record, “You wouldn’t want to be apart from your wife and newborn.”

I believe this is quite a threat, especially considering that Andy is a very peaceful pro-life advocate and would not break the law while trying to help women in need. Yes, pro-life activism comes in many forms, with some tactics being more forward than others, but Andy has always been a peaceful activist. 

Read more of the story from Jill Stanek's website or World Net Daily

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The worst thing about the tea party is that they have a horrible taste in tea. Lipton? Seriously?!