Friday, September 7, 2012

FOIA request confirms: PP lying about mammograms

Planned Parenthood supporters (including CEO Cecile Richards) have repeatedly claimed that the abortion business does mammograms. Pro-life advocates, particularly Live Action, have challenged the claim each time.

This letter from the Department of Health and Human Services should clear things up once and for all.  Not a single Planned Parenthood in the country has a mammography machine.

H/T Townhall


Deege said...

Although I agree with a lot of things on this site, I have a bone to pick about this item. Planned Parenthood does not claim it does mammograms. Go read its web site and brochures. It claims to do clinical breast exams and screenings and to refer out for mammograms. Its press releases often say that decreasing funding will reduce access to breast exams and mammograms, I guess relying on the fact that many mammography sites require physician referrals and Planned Parenthood provides them. This would be particularly key for women who don't have a regular doctor. But Planned Parenthood doesn't claim to perform mammograms. So you aren't really refuting anything.

Deege said...

I agree with many things on this site, but not this entry. Planned Parenthood never claims to provide mammograms. It claims to provide breast exams and screenings, and to refer out for mammograms. It regularly says that reducing Planned Parenthood funding will reduce access to mammograms, relying I suppose on the fact that most mammography clinics require physician referrals and Planned Parenthood provides those referrals. This is especially key for women who don't havd a regular doctor, and whose only physician is the Planned Parenthood doctor. But since you won't find any evidence of Planned Parenthood claiming to provide mammograms, you are actually not refuting anything.

Stephanie said...

Cecile Richards, the president of PP, actually said PP provided mammograms. Video here: