Monday, September 17, 2012

Photo of the Day

On Friday, the Virginia Board of Health approved new safety regulations for abortion centers in the Commonwealth.  I was among the supporters gathered outside as the 13-2 ruling was announced.  We stood holding signs with information about troubled abortionists and abortion centers in Virginia.

As a pro-abortion group streamed out of the building, one young man yelled at us: "I can't wait for all you old men to die off!"  I had to chuckle at his less than spectacular grip on reality.

Five points to whomever can find all the old, about-to-die-off men in the photo!
That's me on the far left.


nateconklin said...

Way to take a stand!

Deege said...

This was a fascinating misuse of the construction regulation process. I am prolife, but parking spaces and awnings? Really? Two wrongs don't make a right. Imposing boilerplate construction regulations on clinics isn't a substitute for antiabortion legislation or overturning Roe v. Wade, and patient violations happen just as easily in shiny new buildings as in old ones. The "emergency regulations" were corruption, plain and simple. I fully support stronger regulatory oversight of abortion centers but making these clinics rebuild their physical plants to every hospital code includes many ridiculously over the top requirements. I hope the department of health grants variances where there is no logical argument for medical necessity. The emphasis should be on patient care, informed consent, physician licensing, training, documentation, sanitation, etc. -- not the number of parking spaces or the location and number of drinking fountains. Being pro-life doesn't mean supporting bogus regulation.

Deege said...

BTW, that doesn't mean I don't support the portions of the regulations that do demonstrate medical necessity, like hallway widths for stretchers, etc. But just imposing the whole package of regulations willy-nilly with no exceptions emboldened the opposition and gave them a leg to stand on.

Umad Rly said...

You couldn't find a photo of more than ten people? Come on! Where is that silent majority?! Oh wait it must also be an invisible majority as well.