Thursday, September 6, 2012

Today's briefs

Kristi Brown of Live Action News dissects a recent Planned Parenthood rally for Obama.  The highlights:  Newark Mayor Cory Booker's outrageous claim that pro-lifers cannot love women ("Thank you, Mayor Booker, for being ever-present in my life, at every moment, and assuring me that my brothers, father, and husband do not truly love me"), and tacky anti-GOP condoms ("[C]learly there is nothing wrong with condoms or with responsible adults acquiring them. However, condoms have nothing to do with either Romney’s or Ryan’s policies and serve only to demonstrate Planned Parenthood’s obsession with all things sexual").

Planning to watch Obama's speech tonight?  You should-- especially if you live in Charlotte.  Jill Stanek reports that the Susan B. Anthony list is airing a hard-hitting anti-Obama ad tonight in the Charlotte market, featuring abortion survivor Melissa Ohden.  While I'm not thrilled by her comment that she's alive today "by the grace of God" (where was that grace for the other babies aborted that day?), the ad does a great job in getting extremely important information to the voting public: President Obama had the opportunity to protect infants born alive after abortion, and chose not to.

An "I Vote Pro-Life First" webcast, hosted by a coalition of pro-life organizations including Students for Life of America and Pro-Life Action League, takes place tonight at 9pm Eastern.

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Clinton Wilcox said...

Interesting stuff.

On a side note, I'm not bothered by Ohden's remark that she's alive "by the grace of God." A common misconception that Atheists have is that Christians insist that we're all puppets and nothing happens unless God specifically controls it. Rather, she is alive by the grace of God because she was thrown away in a dumpster, left to die, and she would have had a nurse not noticed her crying. So I don't think she's alive because God chose to spare her over the other children aborted that day, or through all time (though it is a possibility, as sometimes God chooses people for a specific task), but I definitely think that she was noticed by a nurse who would save her "by the grace of God," possibly by divine intervention.

Plus, I also believe that all aborted babies go to Heaven. I believe that God is a merciful God and will not punish anyone who a) has not committed any sins yet, and b) is much too young to understand right from wrong. So even if God chose to save Ohden over the other children, it's really a mixed blessing because those other children are in a much better place now than she is.

Just a couple things to think about. :)