Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Presidential Debate, Part II

If you didn't watch the debate, a transcript can be found here.

On our issue, Obama once again stretched the truth, with his statement that "there are millions of women all across the country, who rely on Planned Parenthood for, not just contraceptive care, they rely on it for mammograms..."

Not a single Planned Parenthood office in the country performs mammograms.  This claim has been so thoroughly debunked that I must conclude that the President was being deliberately misleading.  I guess "mammogram referrals" just doesn't have the same rhetorical punch to it.  Neither does "300,000 abortions a year," which is of course what this is really about.

Overall, the consensus is that Obama clearly did much better this time around than he did in the first presidential debate.  There's less consensus on who won.  Both candidates at times talked over the moderator, which many viewers found arrogant and off-putting.

I turn this over to the masses: What did you think of last night's debate?


VAProChoiceLIBERALDemocrat said...

You Prolifers must be hopping mad that your precious abortion issue never got brought up by your Champion, Mitt Romney. Maybe it's because he doesn't actually care about the abortion issue the way that you care. But don't let that stop you from voting republican. Are you mad that you're voting for a candidate that doesn't even care about your needs or concerns?

Clinton Wilcox said...

Romney never brought up adultery, either. Are we to conclude that he doesn't care about adultery?

Ally R. said...

VA, there is no candidate more pro-aborsh than Obama. He even voted to deny medical care to babies born alive during abortions. That is not the type of person I could ever cast a vote for, in good conscience.

Ryan, in his debate with Biden, made it clear where the Romney/Ryan ticket stands on the issue.

Obama, with his mentioning PP five times, made his views equally known.

LN said...

Clinton: This is troll logic we are dealing with :) Can't expect too much of them.

Clinton Wilcox said...

True enough. :)

156 said...

VAProChoiceLIBERALDemocrat, why do you assume all right-to-lifers consistently vote Republican? Look at where Democrats made their pickups in 2006. They were concentrated among rural, Northern districts -- the kind of districts that are likely to be pro-life but align with Democrats on other issues. Back in the 1980s, when the Republican Party was more consistently pro-life, the party dominated rural areas.

156 said...

Clinton Wilcox, are you suggesting that Romney favors prosecuting adultery? He did not prosecute it when he was governor of Massachusetts. That fact is particularly enlightening because rape, incest, prostitution, adultery, fornication, and other crimes cause the vast majority of abortions. If you do not favor aggressive and effective enforcement of those laws, you simply cannot claim to be pro-life.

156 said...

Romney cannot be trusted on the abortion issue. Videos exist of him expressed pro-abortion views even after his supposed conversion. Even without those videos, changing position on an issue like that at such a late stage of life and at a time when doing so was so much in his self-interest leaves much doubt about the authenticity of that supposed conversion.

Furthermore, Romney has not promised to appoint anti-Roe justices.

Also, Romney supports legalized abortion in cases of rape and incest.

Moreover, Romney recently stated that he did not support any laws against abortion.

156 said...

Clinton Wilcox said...

I guess Romney can't be said to be anti-adultery, since he does not favor prosecuting it.

You are putting words into my mouth. He doesn't have to bring up everything that he favors or opposes. The topic of the debate was on foreign policy.