Thursday, November 15, 2012

Celebrating adoption

November is National Adoption Month!  In honor of this occasion, Secular Pro-Life asks that you do two simple things:

1) Educate yourself by reading our pamphlet on adoption, which explains the often misunderstood differences between private adoption and the foster-to-adopt system.

2) If adoption has touched your life-- whether you've adopted, placed a child for adoption, been adopted yourself, or in any other way-- email your story to  We'll share your stories on our facebook page throughout the remainder of the month.  (If you wish to remain anonymous, please note that in the email.)


NorthStar156 said...

That pamphlet was useful.

I was adopted but I am not sure what you mean by my "story."

People also need to realize that many state laws in the United States discriminate against adoption. For example, biological fathers can often veto an adoption -- even long after birth -- while they cannot veto an abortion. Therefore, when a birth mother is considering abortion, she cannot know whether she will even be allowed to complete an adoption. Even rapist biological fathers can often veto adoptions.

Kelsey said...

Excellent points, NorthStar. That's why putative father registries are so important. Thanks for sharing!

NorthStar156 said...

"That's why putative father registries are so important."

Why do you say that? I would think the opposite would be true.

Kelsey said...

Because most fathers, particularly rapist fathers, will not care enough to sign up-- taking away their veto.

NorthStar156 said...


In my state, the putative father is allowed to wait until ninety days after birth to register. Even if he does not register at all, there does not seem to be any requirement that he lose his parental rights. Would not putative father registries need to require registration very early in gestation for them to have much affect on an abortion decision?

Kelsey said...

Ah. I'm from Florida, where the law is stricter. In your state, I agree, it's not terribly useful.