Friday, November 30, 2012

Your adoption stories

National Adoption Month is about to come to a close.  Earlier in November, we asked SPL members how adoption had touched their lives.  Here's what you had to say:
"I gave my oldest child up in an open adoption. She's now almost 14 and is a happy, healthy young woman. We just visited with her and her family about a month ago and my youngest daughter (6 years old) was super excited to spend the night at her big sister's house. My whole family and her biological father's family are all pretty involved in her life. Our situation is not common, but it is awesome!"  ~Rachel M. 
"I am an adopted child." ~Cynthia T. 
"My little sister's from china!"  ~Dominique E. 
"I've adopted two through foster care and they are the light of my life. I can't imagine my life without them."  ~Kristin C. 
"I have friends who were adopted, but my dream is to build my future family through adoption."  ~Sara K. 
"I am an adoptive mom to a 3 year old."  ~Nicole K. 
"I'm adopted!  I'm now 36, with two biological children of my own, and it's amazing to look at them & see the faces of my biological parents. Being adopted to me, and being adopted out of a terrible situation in infancy, into a safe family, is foundational to why I am pro-life."  ~Jen M.
Many thanks to all of you for sharing.  Also, check out Amanda Lord's story on the Abolish Abortion blog.  She reminds us that, while adoption is the best outcome in many cases, simplistic slogans like "adoption not abortion" mask an important emotional element.  Pro-lifers must be sensitive to the feelings of pregnant women and birth moms.


Matt Dillahunty said...

My niece and nephew are both adopted...and I'm still pro-choice. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

"Adoption not abortion" doesn't just mask an important emotional element, it's a strawman that demonstrates that anti-choice proponents simply don't grasp the subject.

Laura said...

Abortion and adoption have nothing to do with each other? I imagine every woman who first considered abortion but ultimately chose adoption disagrees.

Kelsey said...

When he said "one thing has nothing to do with the other," I think he means adoption and one's *moral position on abortion,* rather than abortion itself. In other words, it's possible to know and love adopted people while still believing that their mothers should have been able to kill them prenatally. I do know many pro-choice people who take that stance; it baffles me, but support for adoption from anyone is welcome.

JDC said...

The term is pro-life, not anti-choice.