Monday, December 3, 2012

Let us be your voice in 2013

Here we are in the final month of 2012-- and what a year this has been! 
  • Secular Pro-Life reached out to the next generation, speaking to pro-life student organizations at the University of San Francisco and UNC-Chapel Hill, the atheist and agnostic student organization at the University of Virginia, and young activists from across the country at the Students for Life of America conference.
  • We sent representatives to the American Atheists convention and the Texas Freethought convention, making the non-religious case against abortion.
  • We were featured in Humanist magazine and on National Public Radio's "Tell Me More."
  • We brought you free, quality pro-life commentary and news on our blog.  Countless SPL articles were reprinted in pro-life media. 
  • We produced a professional YouTube video taking on the bodily autonomy argument in an accessible way.
  • Most important of all, we launched, our database of medical malpractice and health/safety violations at abortion clinics.  Through targeted online advertising, over 1200 at-risk women have received this critical, life-saving information!
And we did it all with a limited budget and no full-time or paid staff.

We want to do even more in 2013, but we need your help.

Secular Pro-Life is in need of immediate donations to ensure that we are able to pay for our exhibition booth at January's Students for Life of America conference.  More donations will also allow us to expand our advertising for  And we have many ideas for continuing our pro-life educational efforts in 2013-- if our financial situation permits it.

Please make a donation today!

Secular Pro-Life is funded entirely by donations from individual supporters.  We do not take a dime from churches or corporations.  We depend entirely on people like you.

2012 has been our best year yet.  Our support has grown to over 1600 Facebook fans and over 900 Twitter followers.  If everyone reading this appeal gives just five dollars, we will be able to do incredible things in 2013.

Click here to contribute to the movement.  With your help, we will continue to the be a voice for the voiceless: preborn children, and the people of every faith and no faith who care about them.

Update: there was a technical problem with the link that has now been fixed.  If you tried to donate earlier but got an error message, please try again!  The link now goes to the donation page on our website, instead of going directly to Paypal.  Click the orange "Donate" button and you'll be on your way.  Sorry for the snafu!


JazzFest said...

When I try clicking on the link it says

"Sorry — your last action could not be completed"
Is there an e-mail address I could just sent the money to?

Kelsey said...

That's strange-- it was working before! I will try to fix it ASAP. In the meantime, our email address is Thank you so much for your donation and I'm sorry for the technical difficulty.

Kelsey said...