Monday, January 21, 2013

Secular Pro-Life joins the PIE Project

What is the PIE Project, you ask? PIE stands for Pro-life Information and Experience. The idea is to document the cumulative knowledge of the pro-life movement, so that people don't have to re-invent the wheel. This is being done with short videos (under 5 minutes) in which pro-life leaders share their perspectives on key topics.

I am proud to announce that the very first video posted to the PIE Project comes from Secular Pro-Life! In it, SPL president Kelsey Hazzard addresses the topic "I don't believe in God. Is that okay?"

More videos will be added soon, so bookmark and check back frequently!

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Janet Susan said...

Kelsey--awesome video! It's fresh, energetic and articulate. As a Christian, I don't get really excited about people not believing, but I AM excited about this growing venue of pro-life activists. Thank you for helping to unify us pro-lifers--no matter what our religious beliefs are--and for providing a pro-life venue for non-believers. :)