Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We remember

It's hard to believe that Roe v. Wade is turning 40 years old next week. Over 55 million unborn babies have died since January 22, 1973. Abortion supporters will be celebrating this as a triumph. Many Secular Pro-Life members will be gathering at the March for Life in D.C. or the Walk for Life in San Francisco to protest this ongoing injustice. But if you can't make it to those events, fear not! There are several ways to contribute from your own home.

1)  NARAL will once again be sponsoring a "Blog for Choice" day-- and for the third year in a row, pro-life bloggers will counter their propaganda with the "Ask Them What They Mean by 'Choice' Day." Secular Pro-Life Perspectives will be participating. If anyone has thoughts on this topic, send them to info[at] (no later than January 21, please!) and we may reprint them.

2)  The Students for Life of America conference will take place all day Saturday, January 26, and the whole thing will be streamed at Listen in for some great pro-life activism tips! (Note: while SFLA is open to people of all creeds, some conference guest speakers take an explicitly religious approach.)

3)  Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. The Guiding Star Project suggests putting it in the form of an obituary.

4)  Finally, please make an online donation to Secular Pro-Life if you are able. SPL is not a big-budget organization, and this time of year presents what are, for us, some major expenses. Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

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Ashley Whalen said...

Ashley Whalen AKA

Voice for the innocent

Please pass what I have to say on,i tried to send it to the address you left but it wouldn't go through


What kind of choice is that anyways,murder. I didn't think we had that choice in America,i thought it was illegal?A woman that gets an abortion isn't unpregnant shes just the mother of a dead baby,daughter or son. Its absurd that anyone thinks its ok to chop the little hands and feet, legs and arms off a unborn child then crush its head along with he or she's little innocent soul and suck it out of its womb.They cant speak up, no baby in the womb or out can speak up they are babies,duh so we have to be their voice .The actions that are placed upon their innocent little bodies and minds is compared to almost like someone ripping you out of your warm bed and beating the living S**t out of you ,sawing your arms and legs off and crushing your head with a vice and (sorry to be so graphic but alot of people dont know the truth behind what an abortion really is and no im not over exaggerating that's what happens) .Those babies do feel everything if you don't believe me then look up an ultrasound while a woman is getting an abortion.Oh and where is the choice; no body really gets a choice a woman usually gets told that she must get an abortion by her parents,boyfriend ect and 9 times out of ten is lied to and told that the baby is just a clump of cells which is such a lie maybe the day conceived like literally moments after conception the cells are forming but when a woman finds out she is pregnant she is about 6-8 weeks pregnant look up a fetus at 6-8 weeks ,has a heart beat and is definitely not a clump of cells,it is a growing human with eyes and ears hands and feet ect. when a doctor or murderer shall I say goes in there dialates the cervix and pokes the baby it moves to avoid being hurt,and then the doctor does it... he stabs the baby killing it ,dead with no chance at life.Im not making this up not trying to get attention,im trying to let you pro-aborts know why we Pro lifers are so passionate about making abortion illegal,murder is Illegal right?
Signed VFTI( Voice for the innocent)