Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"A story of redemption and hope"

At Live Action News, Christina Martin reviews Cultivating Weeds, the novella by Secular Pro-Life president Kelsey Hazzard.  It's already gotten positive reviews from Abby Johnson, Josh Brahm, and Stand for Life; now, Live Action adds its voice in support:
Cultivating Weeds is a story of redemption and hope. It’s an inspiring picture of what can happen when a person grabs hold of life-changing truths. As I read about Stacey’s life I saw similarities to my own. I too have a heart for justice, desire to help the needy, and burden to change the world for the better. Reading the book made me wonder how many people in the abortion industry are there because they wrongly believe abortion is the best way to help needy women. 
Cultivating Weeds is filled with suspense and an intriguing plot that keeps the reader curious. Through a series of events Stacey ends up involved in a top secret, controversial medical study. If successful the study has the potential to change the issue of abortion as we know it.
The 54 page book is a quick read with a powerful message.
Read the entire review here. And if Christina Martin has you convinced, get your print copy here or your Kindle version here! Remember: you have until the end of this month for the proceeds of your purchase to benefit Secular Pro-Life.

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