Friday, February 22, 2013

Defending Life 2013 is here!

Every year, Americans United for Life puts out its pro-life legal guide, Defending Life. It contains state-by-state data, pro-life model legislation on dozens of subjects, thoughtful commentary, and lots more. It's written with state legislators in mind, but if you're at all interested in law or public policy, you should check it out. Click here to download the whole thing for free.


pr(e/a)y said...

You ever wonder why republicans want to "defend life" by making abortion illegal but don't have any interest in "defend life" for the mother? Why do congressional republicans vote against the Violence Against Women Act? I mean-- when a woman is raped you have to argue with Republicans over whether or not it's legitimate.

Deege said...

I find "model legislation" written by special interest groups to be a worrying trend, even if I agree with the content. These people are not elected to any office to make law, and they are enabling elected legislators to shirk their responsibility of making law tailored to their districts and constituents. Some of the model legislation even says "insert name of state here". Generic legislation coming to your statehouse soon! Yuck.
I am equally disgusted by AUL and ALEC's presumptuous "model legislation" even though I feel differently about the issues they support. If you're not willing to do your own work, you shouldn't run for office.